Tuesday, 12 February 2013


so, I sat down to blog this morning, and I haven't blogged for a while, and its first thing in the morning, so my brain isn't 100% on, and i've ended up here. lordy knows how anyone is going to find any of the places for my inane whitterings!

quick update. work has been really stressful, there is a lot going on. i have a new car, and an old car, seeing as no one up here really seems to want the old one. the dogs are fine. the garden is beginning to show signs of spring, but we've had massive storms here lately so its all a bit blown about.

I'm still trying to persuade Mark to build a hen house and then i will get chickens. its the law.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Please go here from now on


Friday, 2 November 2012

Ok I have to confess to techo mess up

I can't log in to the blog on the other computer and I struggle to make it work on this one. If you don't here from me for a while blame t'interweb!

Tuesday, 30 October 2012


So Friday was a bit tricky, cos anything we tried outside got snowed and winded off, but we did have a very good gig in the evening with We Were Promised Jetpacks, Fatherson (we Heart Fatherson!) and Running with Scissors, so to get that out of the way was a relief

And then Saturday. 7.30am start. putting up marquees, sorting out curtainsiders, organising craft activities. And it just rained down. It was ok tho. we had cider. and the supreme Shaka Events taking it all in the their stride.

And guess what, we even managed to do an outdoor film screening! so pleased.

and on sunday we managed more bands. the only thing that was disappointing was the fact that we couldn't really use the ramp cos of the rain. sigh. and we didn't really have many kids to do craft activities, although i did carve a lot of pumpkins yesterday!

Friday, 26 October 2012

hmm weather

so last night we opened 3 exhibitions, had a band play, showed a film and ran a course on surf judging. well, we didn't run the course but it was on at the same time.

and today we have to start the site set up for our out door festival this weekend. only draw back? its blowing a hoolie and hailing like a mofo. no, ma, i'm not translating that for you.

ho hum. think today might be a bit of a challenge. but then the mighty We Were Promised Jetpacks are playing tonight, people do seem to be excited about that so fingers crossed that all goes well.

and bring on monday!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The ubiquitous busy at work post

Mental busy this week. so much so I have the closed throat feeling from too much to do.

and why is this? well thursday evening sees the start of our Wave North Festival, which this year is the biggest ever and obviously the most outside one, which is why we are doing it the first weekend that snow is forecast this year.

So we've got 3 exhibitions opening on Thursday evening, 2 of which aren't hung yet, then we need a leaflet and labels being made. On Friday we need to set up the festival site, with a curtainsider for bands, a craft marquee, an outdoor film screen, and a skate ramp. On Friday night the wonderful We Were Promised Jetpacks are playing (in Skinandi's thankfully), with Fatherson. On Saturday we are at the harbour all day, with 4 surfing competitions, skate workshops and masterclasses, me and helen are doing screen printing with small children, then we are showing a couple of surf movies outside, oh and Shaka events are djing at some point, and then on Sunday we do it all again, with added swim and beach activities.

and on monday we collapse in a heap. crikey.

I've been feeling sad

ever since i've come back from my week doon soouth. i thought it was a combination of missing old friends, and spending time in the city, but I was talking to Mark about it, and realised in one big fell swoop of realisation, that actually i really really miss my Pa

Ma commented at the time that the time I spent in the 'diff was the first time I'd properly been back there since the funeral, and it didn't really register at the time, but when I got home it fully hit me. I've had a couple of good old fashioned bawls the last week or so, but now that I have worked out that its not because I want to go back to the city I can deal with that.